About Us

Hi! You are probably at this store searching the internet products for your precious preemie. Products that may help him, her or them feel more comfortable whilst in the NICU, or settled now you are finally home.

Being a mother of a micro preemie, Sophia, born at only 26 weeks gestation and just 830 grams, I understand the pain, heartache, anxiety, and the need to feel “useful” during this difficult process. I remember spending hours on the internet, trying to see what products would help my girl feel more comfortable in hospital, to make sure I was organised for when she finally came home, and to try make myself feel “helpful” for my little girl.

What I did discover, is that although there are products for preemies,  it would have to be sourced from several different stores and some unavailable online. I craved for a one-stop online shop. To have all the essential items for premature babies, so I could just wait for one package (rather than lots of different packages, arriving at different times, often when I wasn’t in!).

I have always had an addiction to researching and reviewing baby products. This started with my first child 5 years ago. After purchasing, testing and listening to my fellow NICU mums, I decided to set up my first online store.  My Baby Savings was set up in honour of my little Sophia, her NICU friends and all the NICU parents. 

Having a premature baby changed my life forever – After my anxious time spent in antenatal, traumatic birth and all the months of uncertainty and heartache in NICU, I knew I wanted to help others going through this difficult time. I hope that this site, not only helps you find what you are looking for, but gives you support to know that others have been though similar situations. These products we have chosen, have all been carefully trailed and tested by mums of preemies and loved by your fellow preemies. All babies are miracles, but preemies are just that little more special 😉